Finally was able to get my eBook on here where it is easily accessible. In it is a collection of poems, in various topics that I wrote as inspiration for myself in relation to life and the things that constantly try to take you away from the One Creator. I ask Allaah to place this on my scale of good deeds and to forgive me for my sins. Ameen

The eBook is being offeredhere on WordPress for direct purchase at a discounted price of $8.99; It is also available on Amazon Kindle for $9.99 for those who DO NOT wish to purchase through Paypal @ Golden Advice: To Myself First: A Compilation of Poems for Islamic Self-Reflection https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078KQ4WLG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_L.YwAbP647KZV
There are currently three formats that the eBook can be purchased in, to suit the requirements of the specific device(s) you may download and view it on, in sha Allaah.
The check-out process is very secure; it’s done through Paypal for those that are cautious about purchasing online. Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button below.

For ePub format, purchase now:
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And the following is for the Kindle readers (AZW3 file format)
Add to CartAnd the following is the PDF format
Add to CartPLEASE NOTE: Please feel free to contact me about any issues that you may encounter about purchasing this book. I welcome any advice, questions, comments, encouragements or constructive criticism @ baneeasadillah@gmail.com

Thanking You,

Abu Muwahhid Asadullah Ibn-James


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