These kaafir women only look good cause they stand by themselves,

It’s a good thing our muslim women cover cause they’d make these same kuffaar women look like used rags on shelves;

I’m talking about muslim women in general, not about the ones that I have myself;

Their daughters and/or their own mothers are like Baarakallaahu alayhinna, imagine the mothers themselves?
You see, I call a spade a spade, it doesn’t make a difference how the cards are dealt,

I state facts to whoever, doesn’t make a difference in how the delivery is felt.

I mean, I’m not trying to be mean, but more substance is felt from what’s on the inside of a can than what’s just put on a shelf;

But all consumers know not to purchase any product that’s been opened and used, so clarification is my only intent. 
Some people sell their souls for some wheels and some fiber glass and metal that’s been put together,

While others do the dumbest things just for a piece of metal that goes on a wrist, around a neck or a itty bitty finger;

They must know something that I don’t know, but these same things are paid for by plastic or by some colorful pieces of paper,

In the end the bodies go back to dust, the paper gets recycled and there’s junkyards for vehicles, so just simply seek out the Creator!
Do you think about the day when Allaah won’t return your soul?

The next thing you know, your being questioned in the grave as your family walks away and you’re alone left cold?

Hardly think about it, you say, confident you’ll reach grey hairs past 70 years old,

Well, what you do in secret may one day be broadcasted and told. 
One person is on the Internet looking at the impermissible things on the screen,

Another likes unlawful sex, hoping a quick shower is all that’s needed to become clean;

While others indulge in paraphernalia from weed and cocaine to speech that’s obscene,

Never really thinking that Allaah may snatch your soul when you’re in the act of committing sin as death becomes a reality and not just a dream. 
Those who have died must really have had plans for later on that day,

Maybe they thought that after the unlawful they would get a chance to repent and then everything might’ve been okay;

Who really wants to die as they’re singing and driving one minute, then be told to sit up straight and answer these three questions without delay;

Unfortunately many of us will find ourselves in the Hell Fire, and that’s not a maybe, might or may.
The remedy for all of this is easy, so pay attention very closely,

I call all to come to Al Islaam plainly today without ambiguity;

I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped in truth except for Allaah and that Prophet Muhammad salallaahu alayhi wa sallam is His slave servant and messenger with a surety,

Why take a chance and gamble your soul ending up in Paradise or burn in the Fire of Hell for ALL ETERNITY???!!!!!!

Abu Muwahhid Asadullah At-Tarinidadi


Feigning Ignorance

💎Feigning ignorance at other’s mistakes💎
✍ Ibn al-Jawzi -may Allaah have mercy upon him- said:
Feigning ignorance at the mistakes of others, will remain to be one of the most charming qualities of the noble. 
For verily, faults and errors are in the nature of mankind, 

So if a person notices and takes seriously every mistake and sin, he will tire himself and tire others. 
And the mindful and intelligent one is he who is not particular about every big and small issue regarding his family, his loved ones, his friends and his neighbours .
👉And that is why Imaam Ahmad bin Hanbal -may Allaah have mercy upon him- said:

“Nine tenths of good manners is in feigning ignorance”.
📔Tahdheeb Al-Kamaal (19/370)

A Predator is Lurking

A predator is lurking
When a predator lives nearby, then we call ourselves protecting our kids,

When they play in the park, or we may try to even protect them as babies from SIDS;

No one is exempt from harm whether you live in the biggest city or in the smallest village,

For the Shaytan has waged war on us, the sons of Adam, whether we’re kaafir or Muslim.  
We must be vigilant in the protection of our muslim homes,

Cause some of us are negligent now, only to cry later after we’re resurrected from decayed bones;

We come from dust, I tell you, our flesh may one day be eaten by worms,

What, can’t we see how easily the society we’re living in makes following your desires without thinking like drones.  
1000 years minus fifty, Nuh Alayhis-Salaam called his people to Tawheed,

And Allaah subhaanahu wa ta ‘ala has explained to us that He is pleased with Al Islaam for us until yawmud-deen;

We all agree that no one knows when they’ll die, so that means it’s part of the unseen,

So what part of the deen we’re not ready to implement at this time, or is it appropriate to say that we’re not really preparing ourselves for a good ending when we meet our Lord, which is a meeting, that in it we must believe. 
Who allows his wife to go outside inappropriately dressed?

Who would allow intermingling to exist between his son and women who have a need to show off their assets?

Or their daughter going to a school that boys there may see her only as a sexual conquest?

Only one who’s negligent that one day he’ll be given his scrolls and be questioned about their contents.  
A victim always acts like their soft, and can be taken advantage of at any minute,

So let’s reverse the role and play the predator of this cat and mouse with the shaytaan and flip it;

Instead of him sitting in wait for us to slip up, let’s fortify ourselves with the Dhikr of Allaah so his call can be diminished,

Because if he’s right, and we’re followers of our desires, then we’re really ungrateful of the bounties of our Lord and the Hell Fire soon we’ll be in it. 
This dunya we live in is only for those who find fulfillment and joy at this time,

You see many who want what they have as theirs, but you can’t say oh, this new thing is mines;

We would love to believe that Heaven is here on earth and talk about the Hell Fire, one would want to turn a blind eye,

Because Allaah is Truthful and those who chase His creation are liars, but they’d rather use their intellect over the Qur’aan and Sunnah to get them by.  
Every year that passes, we see things get more lenient as we go,

The age limit for marriage has went up, and the clothes for females have come off, yet men have decided not continue to let their beards grow;

We are a far cry from how we were before as we call ourselves progressive for sure, 

At the expense of our sanity, our very dignity, we’ve allowed our souls to be corrupted for a space with the Shaytaan down below. 

Abu Muwahhid Asadullah At-Tarinidadi

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