The reasons for fasting




What do you really want, when you have a woman in your corner that’s covering?

Outside? Well, you act like you can’t help yourself, cause all you do is perfect that reckless eyeballing. 

You claim you want to have better character in your home, but you’re really stalling, 

Because if your partner’s on point and reminds you of Allaah, then who’s left to answer the Shaytaan’ calling? 
Some of these brothers pick up a lot of weights and only care about reps and sets,

They spend a lot of time beautifying their bodies, but can’t take care of their wives by curling a wallet and paying the rent;

If they were track runners, they’d be sprinters, after a little while they’re spent,

Never able to stick it out for the longevity, only that he came and when there’s problems, he left.
Yeah, you like the way she looks and her body pleases you? 

From her beautiful hair and how them jeans are fitting, too? 

It’s easier to do sin than to do what your Lord calls you to do?

Be cautious of that day you may be questioned about things you did in the open as well as in secret, too. 
Personally, I think that the Muslim female has been given a bad rap, if you ask me, 

The one’s who are a single wife, or who may have one co-wife , or two or three;

Because the media paints her as this oppressed little girl who is the opposite of how a true woman aught to be, 

However she only follows the commands of the One True Creator, that’s where she gets this most hated Islaamic Personality.  
So what do you do when you have a choice to make? 

A candy wrapped in paper and clean, or the dirty one that fell on the floor, which one will you take? 

You can’t be mad at the names they call these females, like hoes, and easy because she’s promiscuous on the first date, 

Because these adjectives are already known, so to indulge in the actions themselves clearly shows that in their labelling she’s willing to partake.  
I promote marriage and I promote the Muslim woman, so I guess I promote marriage to one as well, 

So if you don’t have one then I guess you bumped your head in the process when you fell;

I am a big advocate when she wears that black, and I know you can clearly tell, 

Be true to your life in this deen of Islaam and choose the muslimah and avoid the one who ascribe herself like Jezzebel. 
Not to say that the disbelieving woman can’t be chaste, that is not what I’m saying, 

For the good character of which I speak about is in her heart and on her limbs that she’s displaying;

She’s called a disbeliever because she doesn’t believe in the Only King that is truly reigning, 

And if she doesn’t believe in Him for real, and you choose her, then who you’re really fooling? 
Abu Muwahhid Asadullah At-Tarinidadi 


I heard you’re having issues finding a husband these days, yaa ukhti,

Of all the husbands you had, were any of them truly Salafi?

Did they display the righteous characteristics of Talha, Umar or Salman Al Farsi?

And were you diligent enough to make sure that their backgrounds were checked thoroughly?
Everyone gets thirsty from time to time, and these times are only for us to drink water,

Cause we might run to get married and end up single with a son or a daughter;

I can’t stress enough the importance of doing salaatul istakhaarah,

As well as looking at the signs if you should even marry this brother.  
Or have you penalized any future brother because of the wrongdoing of another?

 You still hold a grudge, like you want to put a knife to a jugular?

Upset cause you had wanted to really leave him, but he was way ahead of yuh?

Well those days are gone with better brothers that are ahead of yuh?
Ever thought to ask the One Who’s the Creator of the soul?

To provide you with one who fits the mold;

Or at least close to it, if I should be so bold,

That could be with you today as you’re young, and tomorrow when you get old.
I know, it’s sad when you think about it, how some of these brothers fit,

Into a relationship that’s not even legit;

With a female that’s religiously sick,

Him choosing her over you, you may not realize it, but to you it was a benefit. 
So don’t give up hope, because there are good muslims out there,

Not just about themselves, but about you they’ll also care;

Jannah would be his goal and his attire, all Islaamic wear,

He would have no love for this dunya, and entering the Hell Fire he’d truly fear.

Asadullah Abu Muwahhid At-Tarinidadi 

هل هناك أدعية عند الإفطار؟

قال الشيخ مقبل الوادعي جوابا عن 
1- السؤال : هل هناك أدعية عند الإفطار ؟

الجواب : وأما الأدعية فمن أهل العلم من يقول : ثبت حديث : (ذهب الظمأ, وابتلت العروق , وثبـت الأجر إن شاء الله ) , والذي يظهر أنه لا يثبت حديث في الدعاء , أي : في دعاء بخصوصه , وإلا فقد ثبت : أن للصائم دعوة مستجابة عند فطره . فأنت تدعو الله بالمغفرة , وأن يشفيك , إلى ماتحتاج إليه من الأمور . 
(نصائح وفضائح:74 


Committing sins in Ramadhan

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen was asked in Fataawa al-Siyaam (p. 466):
How can we reconcile between the idea that the devils are chained up in Ramadaan and the fact the people commit sin?
He replied:
The fact that sin happens in Ramadaan does not contradict the report that the devils are chained up in Ramadaan, because the fact that they are chained up does not prevent them from moving. Hence it says in the hadeeth: “And the strong devils are chained up, and they cannot achieve what they usually achieve (at other times).” Narrated by Ahmad, 7857; this hadeeth was mentioned by al-Albaani in Da’eef al-Targheeb, 586; he said: it is da’eef jiddan (very weak).
It does not mean that the devils do not move at all, rather they can move and lead people astray, but their activities during Ramadaan are not like their activities at other times.

This is stupid

This is stupid
Women have reached the point, I tell you,

That when you examine the facts, I still can’t believe that it’s true;

They have decided to nip tuck any changes in their bodies because this is something new, 

But they still want men to appreciate them for who they are, when if you asked who they really are, they’d show that they haven’t the slightest clue. 
Good ol’ fashion working out, is the way to treat some sagging flesh, 

Tightening up the skin and giving you a body that weighs less;

But plastic surgery to enhance or create what was never there is what you feel is best?

But how do you EXPECT your husband to be content with your limitations, when you ran to doctors for every flaw you saw so you could invest?
Ah, but hold on, this is a superficial world we’re living in and you’re here to keep up the illusion?

That you want to attract a man who comes after you from visual lies and enhanced confusion?

Not content with what your Lord gave you, so thousands of dollars is the solution?

Don’t you think you’re no better than the ones who wear weave and what not, until the men find out that they’re bald-headed, so make a new resolution.  
Sex is put out there first, so men have lowered their standards, yes lowered the bar,

Like he’d rather drive a nice-looking vehicle with a bad transmission that really can’t take him very far;

He’d rather leave the woman who’s confident in her own natural body and just chase the one who’s less concerned about her soul and focuses more on his new car,

And the woman thinks that the man who likes her more because of this illusion she’s created is the best man for her, how bizarre.  
I wonder how the women back in the day used to keep a man so long?

How they would keep that bond between them and their husband very strong?

How did they even find the man in the first place, is really a good question, am I right or wrong?

For even the family structure was better than what we have here today, from these social media sites or blogs. 
A lot can be said about one who worships his Lord,

The fact that she knows that He knows best, He is her Guide as she follows along;

Not putting herself out there for these wolves to run on past and take little bites here and there till she hears that marriage call,

But that she has some self-respect from the onset and these men must March to the tune of her drum or she doesn’t respond to their screams and bawls. 

Asadullah Abu Muwahhid At-Tarinidadi

These days

These days
These days, people are more upset that they’ve gotten pregnant than the fact than they are having unlawful sex,

That’s like you’re more upset that you were caught robbing an elderly woman, than the actual crime itself;

You have to realize that there’s a separation between going against the commands of Allaah and the alternative which is best,

For to choose other than that, dear muslim, is called you oppressing yourself. 
So we stand before Allaah and are questioned about who touched our chest,

Who’s bed we were in and who we allowed between our legs to have sex;

The means by which you got into this predicament in the first place, did not start off with that first caress, 

It was the smile, the one-on-one phone calls or any of the impermissible ways that Allaah knows best. 
Protection is not about using condoms or taking the pill, but it’s about the avoidance of sin,

Indeed you must protect your body, and eventual corruption of the soul that’s within;

We know ourselves very well, but the Shaytaan fuels the fire of our urges within,

It’s not for us to answer our desires by simply giving in. 
Many used to consider their bodies as something of a trophy or prize,

None but the best male was actually allowed to get up inside;

We have our houses locked up when we’re absent or we’re settled inside,

This protection is for our spouses and our most innocent child. 
We have to start looking at the reality of this crime,

The wisdom in following Al Islaam has already been known to us for quite some time;

But we downplay it and act ignorant that Allaah hasn’t legislated pure adherence to Him, The All-Knowing, The Sublime,

Since the return of our souls will be to Him, within the shortest space of time. 
I get upset at the man who is upset that brothers were watching him looking at women and he got caught,

Or the woman getting arrested for solicitation of prostitution because she didn’t actually achieve that which she’d sought;

The understanding that men can marry men or a woman to a woman must be abolished and come to naught,

Because the reality of all their affairs is that with Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, these are the very things they came to fight against, while belief and adherence in the One True Creator they did actually support. 
So you can’t get mad at the outcome for doing bad, when you should’ve been more serious in preparing to meet your Lord in the first place,

Because you’re just adding more things you may be questioned about as you may one day plead your own case;

The best of rewards is to actually make it to Jannah after seeing your Lord’s Face,

So fear the Hell Fire and all that which calls to it, that ending will be one of major disgrace.  
Abu Muwahhid Asadullah Ibn-James

I come from dust

I come from Dust
Oh Allaah, I know I come from dust,

However, man is so stupid at times, as we’re persistent upon our greed and lust;

These same women we fall head over heels over, will eventually be the companions of worms laying closer to the earth’s crust;

You created us, but we do what we want to do in opposition to Your commands, in hopes that You deal with us with what we feel is most just. 
Most just, meaning we won’t end up in the Hell Fire whose fuel are men and stones,

Most just, even though we follow our desires like a hungry dog finding a bag of succulent bones;

Most just, but the media shows instant gratification as the desired goal so we chase it in droves,

Most just, You gave us Islaam but we’d exchange it for the Hell Fire at the expense of our very souls.  
You give us righteous wives yet we have sex with illegal women,

You restrict us from eating only halal foods, but we find other food for cooking;

We should be thankful for Your favors, but we find others worth loving,

Never mindful of the very air that fill our lungs as we’re even breathing.  
You allow this worldly life to be a Paradise for the disbelievers, and for the believers, a sijjin,

Filling our bodies with intoxicants and the souls without right we’re killing;

We could care less about the millions of Muslims each day that are slaughtered at an alarming rate that’s chilling,

Because we’re moved and touched more when we hear the kuffaar has died to the point that some of us are brought to the point of sniffling. 
Oh, I love You Allaah, I yearn to see your face that Day,

My heart hurts because I’m a slave that needs to constantly be repenting, afraid of ever going astray;

I can’t imagine living a long life to eventually end up in Hell for where my feet took me, or what my tongue did say,

Oh Allaah make me want Jannah more than this world that’s just mere amusement and play. 
How can we tattoo our bodies and put rings in places where they don’t belong?

How can we play music as though we’re oblivious to the intricate details that the very act is haram?

How can our women’s clothes get shorter as the clothes the men choose to wear gets long?

Or worst yet, sujud becomes a difficult thing because now the Muslim males are wearing pants that are skin-tight cause they don’t see anything wrong?
Now I can see how one can refuse to enter Al Jannah,

The same way how some of us see nothing wrong with saying they’ll only follow the Qur’an because Allaah never sent down the Sunnah;

The very same ones who find fault in having proofs and evidences for acts that we do than just acting upon a statement we once heard or we might’ve remembered,

They’ll water down the Deen so much that it’d be difficult to distinguish between if the Jews will be going to Paradise, too or if Jesus Christ is their savior. 
Sprung is a term used when one is head over heels for their husband or wife, 

This is only permissible if they love Allaah above all things and that they love the Prophet Muhammad salallaahu alayhi wa sallam more than they love their very life;

Have a stronger zeal to perfect your worship more than a single piece of cheese in a room filled with hungry mice,

Or better yet, separate yourselves from sinning more than the ones who found out that they are infested with bed bugs or lice. 
Abu Muwahhid Asadullah At-Tarinidadi



These days when two women publicly embrace, the people around don’t know what to make of that case;

When male best friends decide to get a bite to eat at a place,

You don’t know if they’re actually hanging out or on a date. 
I tell you these days things are a lot different than before,

It’s not the same but like some twisted folklore;

These times affect the rich the same way it has affected the poor,

And instead of the Devil being content with things, his greed has allowed him to want more.  
Never would you have seen it coming how the family unit got broken,

Like a mother at her dead child’s hospital bed coping;

What was once illegal is now allowed like alcohol and weed in some states is free for smoking,

Ignorance is the new knowledge, as the Devil walks around gloating.  
You see, the further we get away from the days of Adam, the human being has devised a plan,

Not to be backwards, but to push forward and be progressive for every woman and man;

Pleasure is in the anus now, which is difficult to understand,

And the rights are given to those who Allaah never allowed to have the upper hand in the land. 
Progressiveness is in getting closer to the Creator and what is Righteous,

But we decide instead to follow that which would entice us;

We only do these things at a price that would eventually spite us,

Soon there’ll be a day that would not bond us but would devide us. 
Never can a sleeping man see it coming,

Like a man with headphones on and behind him is a hungry bear running;

We keep getting more “progressive” as the society is split up apart falling,

But every move is calculated like a team of police ready to run up inside of a building, no hesitation, no stalling. 
These are the times that men are called upon to be men,

Take care of what you placed inside of these women’s oven;

Go back to when modesty was a thing sought after like a witch’s coven,

Go back to when the Creator was the most valued thing to aspire to be close to, as you were trying to get into Heaven. 
These days, many things have changed,

Homosexuality is no longer viewed as a thing done by those that are deranged;

The tongue of the righteous is locked away in a box or caged,

So the ignorant speak and his thoughts are listened to because the masses now are easily swayed. 
Abu Muwahhid Asadullah At-Tarinidadi. 

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