The fasting person

قال ابن القيِّم  (رحمه الله):«والصَّائم هو الَّذي صامت جوارحه عن الآثام، ولسانه عن الكذب  والفحش وقول الزُّور، وبطنه عن الطَّعام والشَّراب، وفرجه عن الرَّفَث؛ فإنْ تكلَّم لم يتكلَّم بما يجرح صومه، وإن فعل لم يفعل ما يفسد صومه، فيخرج كلامه كلُّه نافعًا صالحًا، وكذلك أعماله، فهي بمنزلة الرَّائحة الَّتي يشمُّها من جالس حامل المسك، كذلك من جالس الصَّائم انتفع بمجالسته، وأَمِن فيها من الزُّور والكذب والفجور والظُّلم، هذا هو الصَّوم المشروع لا مجرَّد الإمساك عن الطَّعام والشَّراب…؛ فالصَّوم هو صوم الجوارح عن الآثام، وصوم البطن عن الشَّراب والطَّعام؛ فكما أنَّ الطَّعام والشَّراب يقطعه ويفسده، فهكذا الآثام تقطع ثوابَه، وتفسدُ ثمرتَه، فتُصَيِّره بمنزلة من لم يصُم».[«الوابل الصَّيِّب» (ص43)]
Ibn-ul Qayyim  (May Allah have Mercy on him)

said: “And the one who (truly) fasts is he whose organs refrain from sins,and his tongue refrains from lying, indecency and that which deviates from the truth, and his stomach refrains from food and drink, and his private parts from relations.

So when he speaks, he does not speak with that which will harm his fasting, and if he acts he does not act in a way that will corrupt his fasting.

So all his speech is beneficial and  upright, as are his actions. 

So his state is like the fragrance that one smells when he sits with the perfume seller – the one who sits with the one who truly fasts benefits from sitting with him and is safe from speaking about things which deviate from the truth, lying, indecency and injustice.

This is the fasting that is legislated, not merely abstaining from food and drink.

So the true fasting is the fasting that the organs refrain from sins and the stomach from food and drink.

So just as food and drink cut off and spoil the fast, likewise sins cut off the reward and spoil the fruits of fasting such that one becomes like he who hasn’t fasted.” 

[Al Waabil As Sayyib, pg 43]


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