Islaam reaches you

Islaam reaches you

Islaam reached many people years ago on the continent of Africa,
It called them to a new way of life that could profit them in this world as well as the Hereafter;
It gave a message that one must be patient upon harm that can test your faith, leaving you impatient or calm from nostalgia,
The happiness you may feel can only come from the patience you displayed like during the test of a martyr.

How many of us exit Islaam after our husbands decide to leave us?
Or when the government place extra stress upon us, we feel that staying in Islaam may be dangerous;
Many slaves that helped to build America and Europe were Muslims from birth, but they were uprooted and transplanted to countries that today we're most curious,
But they were tested worst than us in their faith, while today our test are really not all that serious.

Ok, so you feel sorry for yourself because your Islaam isn't on the level of what you read in the books,
And you see that Islaam is falsely represented by ISIS, no matter how Islaamically the leader actually looks;
Also various groups and entities do actions that are not condone in Islaam under the banner of receiving virgins when they die, they're nothing but crooks,
Because they are stealing the truth that is really Al Islaam, since Islaam is free from what they pass off as suicidal works.

You have to be better than what you are today, because many Muslim nations were and are being tortured under the banner of something else,
Yet they maintain their Islaamic Identity, holding firm to the Qur'aan and the Sunnah, which is better than amassing tremendous wealth;
They have trust in their Lord that what He sent was the truth, no matter what non-Muslims have made these Muslims felt,
May Allaah aid them, because the most that some of us may feel is not being able to make it home to see our favorite tv show, as we're stuck in traffic as our ice creams melt.

So contemplate, dear Muslims, that we know Al Islaam has nothing to do with what is being displayed to the world today,
They have every action that is happening with our brothers and sisters overseas, displayed in the news as mere amusement and play;
We come into their airports and are immediately guilty for things that have never happened today or any other day,
Random searches, FBI and Federal investigations, due to the religion that we claim with a firm tongue and clear speech without delay.

Learn what your religion is verses what it is not, because there are 73 different types of Islaam that most people don't explain about,
Not just Shia and Sunni Muslims are around the world, but everyone had an opinion that they like to scream and shout;
They know the truth but hold onto it as if they refuse to let the truth out,
That Islaam is really a remedy for the world's ills and not a detriment like a chancre sore in ones mouth.

Abu Muwahhid Asadullah At-Tarinidadi


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