No he didn’t

No he didn't

Oh you side chick from back in the days,
Clearly when you come into Islaam, you seem to switch roles like lead actors in Broadway plays;
Your thoughts are disturbing to me, because it had made many amazed,
To see that some people were content to being the lady on the side with no rights, but can be certain polygyny is only for the misled, like a rat in a maze.

How can you decide to be with a man who already have a woman?
You sneak around with him knowing that he can't be yours because he's already taken;
But then you come to Islaam where every wife that a Muslim has, actually have rights that by Allaah was definitely given,
But you feel like you're above this, so you act like you're better than the wives of the Prophet, who were better than any other woman.

Now some say that the husband needs the first wife's approval,
And others say that for him to think about doing it to his wife is inhumane and cruel;
But nothing supports her feelings but the whispers of the Shaytaan, which makes this point very crucial,
To the Muslim Ummah as a whole, because this part of the Sunnah is being looked at as archaic and unusual.

Let's say what Allaah and His Prophet said about this here thing,
And let's see if we implement it correctly, what kind of benefit to the society that it may bring;
Presidents wouldn't have to sneak out and show their country despicable acts that really stings,
And the common folks wouldn't see sneaking around appealing.

This affair is as old as the profession of the lady of the night,
The prostitute that men seem to rush towards, whether single or without a wife in sight;
There have always been a need or want from men to go sneak out and see another, not at all doing it out of spite,
But the Creator in 3:14 of His book has mentioned what he has beautified for men, so 4:3 of the same book shows how taking on another wife is his God-given right.

Asadullah Abu Muwahhid At-Tarinidad


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