A time of benefit to fast

🛎🛎 *8 DAYS in a row of SUNNAH Fasting COMING UP!!!*

*Opportunity for a lot of Ajr, and its easier because its all in a row*

1⃣ Thursday 28th Sept = Sunnah day

2⃣ Friday 29th Sept = 9th Muharram (Day before ‘Ashoora)

3⃣ Saturday 30th Sept = 10th Muharram ( *’Ashoora* –> Expiation of minor sins of year before)

4⃣ Sunday 1st October = 11th Muharram (Day after ‘Ashoora)

5⃣ Monday 2nd October = Sunnah day

6⃣ Tuesday 3rd,

7⃣ Wednesday 4th and

8⃣ Thursday 5th October

= 13th, 14th and 15th of the month (The three white days/Ayaam Al Bayd)


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