Knowing your place

Knowing your place

Your kids are only yours because all of you are living here,

Your spouse belongs to you, in this life, or anybody else that you hold most dear;

We need to realize that Allaah is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, He is the One we should mostly fear,

For when we return to Him, we would only be individuals that are separated from everyone else, waiting in anticipation for our time with Him in line with blank stares.

We are basically entrusted with these people for a period of time,

Ownership of each other is based on perception for the real owner is the Sublime;

We’re all connected to each other in some way or another, like fruits on a vine,

But on the Day of Resurrection we will soon find out that we were only a loan and our time came to an end in this life as we were passing time.

So how do you treat the one given to you by your Lord?

We need to know that a friend didn’t allow us to hold his property, so if broken we can just see if restoring it we can afford;

It is the One Who created us that allowed us to hold and take care of what He owns so don’t act like a hoard,

Because it is sufficient to know, spouse or child, your own body or the likes should only be treated like it’s your ward.

Sometimes we act like we created the thing and we can’t let it go,

We may even question the Creator about what we act like we don’t know;

Why did He cause this one to die or why did we get a divorce causing a big row,

Some of us may be rewarded for our time spent and go upward, while the heedless may end up down below.

Please, this life that we’re living is based on how we worship Allaah,

And if we look into our records til now, most of us haven’t had much good that will take us very far;

So when these people around you that you see from Muslims to non-Muslims aren’t treated with their due rights and are not up to par,

The reward for your bad treatment to them may be worse than being struck at full force by a car.

You’re only put in charge of your life, you’re not the real owner,

You need to realize that everything given to you is only as a loaner;

It’s hard at times to play your position because you’re a controller,

You’re not meant to be in this world forever, trust me, just live as a traveler.

Everyone That Day will be so caught up in where he or she may end up,

The tears and sweat from anticipation alone would overflow the biggest cup;

Atheists That Day will then realize that there really is a God after all, after having given their bodies a life most corrupt,

The design of every living thing is so perfect, that it shatters the Big Bang Theory period; full stop.

Asadullah Abu Muwahhid At-Tarinidadi


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