Clarification about my eBook

Bismillaah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

As I see how my eBook is moving, I have read some of the responses that have reached me concerning the downloading of the book. In the links under eBook, you will actually find four links. The first link is where I have the eBook on Amazon, and that book is for $9.99. The next three goes directly to me, for a dollar less at $8.99. On Amazon Kindle, you will see a different cover there than the one on this wordpress.

Please be mindful that the first of the following three links/add to cart buttons are for ePub,kindle and pdf formats. Please be careful which one you choose to buy, because I get a message about who bought and which one was chosen. Once you buy the book, you will get an email with the desired link to download thereafter.

I implore you all to check them out, since they are my poems that I compiled with the help of my family to be put in eBook form. Thank you all, and feel free to leave a comment.


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