The Ruling Bitcoin- Shaikh Muhammad bin Hizaam (may Allah preserve him)

The Ruling Bitcoin- Shaikh Muhammad bin Hizaam (may Allah preserve him)

The Ruling Bitcoin- Shaikh Muhammad bin Hizaam (may Allah preserve him)
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No apology

I do not apologize for my parents raising me as a Catholic growing up,

Because this was what they had felt was the best way to fill my religious cup;

I do not apologize for joining the United States Marine Corps, which says a lot,

For I had left my childhood and became a man, meaning they had squared me away in Parris Island having entered its ranks just a mere pup.

I do not apologize for deciding to enter into Islaam,

Because it is the religion that teaches me about the uprightness of Jesus, Muhammad and Abraham;

I do not apologize one bit for deciding to marry only the women who cover their faces, though many may not understand,

They are not only doing so to be more pure outside for the eyes of men, but they do so to adhere to what their Lord said, to the best of their abilities that they possibly can.

I do not apologize for saying that God is One and He has no partners,

This is the same message that the top religions of the world also say, but interpretation of their books by their adherents bring many different answers;

I do not apologize for saying that creation started by the Word of the Creator, and not by the Big Band Theory by those who carry PhD’s, Bachelors and Masters,

For by the will of my Lord we exist today, and we will return to Him whether we believe in that great meeting for starters.

I do not apologize for marrying more than one wife,

I have more right to marry them and help procreate and raise my children uprightly, than two men who only get together for recreational purposes that their Lord do not feel is right;

I do not apologize for bringing the races together in a blessed martial life,

Because they say that polygyny is wrong but you promote promiscuity among the youth and then later on settle down and then make the woman your religious partner; your wife.

I do not apologize for how I dress or that I try to stick close to the Qur’an,

For it is by following this book that one can truly find himself following Allaah’s Plan;

I do not apologize that I also follow the Sunnah of Allaah’s Prophet, who was the best of every woman and man,

So since Homosexuality, Terrorism, Racism, Rape, Lewdness, etc was not what he came to promote, then know that you would also not find me of those things a fan.

I do not apologize for my roots stemming from Trinidad,

My roots run long, so it is a necessity as Islaam promotes the protection of the lineage and knowing that these children come from this married woman and man;

I do not apologize that I am racially and culturally mixed from these two T&T Island lands,

Big up to all the Alexis’, Edwards’, Coltes’, White and Broadbelt family members who are attached to these brands.

I do not apologize that I follow an old way and do not try to compromise my beliefs for anyone,

Because if was up to my mother, I would’ve been back in the Catholic Church fornicating thinking that all I needed for protection was to just wear a condom;

I do not apologize for even writing this poem, which is a call for everyone to take seriously and not just for fun,

Take the time out to check out Islaam, because it is only one life you have on this earth which is temporary, but the life in the Hereafter is eternal and happiness for many may continue or the Devil will say he won!

Abu Muwahhid Asadullah At-Tarinidadi

Clarification about my eBook

Bismillaah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

As I see how my eBook is moving, I have read some of the responses that have reached me concerning the downloading of the book. In the links under eBook, you will actually find four links. The first link is where I have the eBook on Amazon, and that book is for $9.99. The next three goes directly to me, for a dollar less at $8.99. On Amazon Kindle, you will see a different cover there than the one on this wordpress.

Please be mindful that the first of the following three links/add to cart buttons are for ePub,kindle and pdf formats. Please be careful which one you choose to buy, because I get a message about who bought and which one was chosen. Once you buy the book, you will get an email with the desired link to download thereafter.

I implore you all to check them out, since they are my poems that I compiled with the help of my family to be put in eBook form. Thank you all, and feel free to leave a comment.


I know that things that are not easily understood at first, are usually what confuses people the most. As a Muslim living today, know that I am open, ready, willing and able to receive any question anybody may have about Islaam. If I can readily find the answer, it will be provided with its source. And if not, I will request time to seek out the answer from a reputable and reliable source. In sha Allaah.

I feel that we live in a world right now that is very small due to social media, but ignorance and stereotypes causes us to distance ourselves from those outside of our comfort zone.

If you have a question, just ask me.

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