Benefits on Fasting from a Medical Viewpoint

Johns Hopkins study on Fasting


A time of benefit to fast

🛎🛎 *8 DAYS in a row of SUNNAH Fasting COMING UP!!!*

*Opportunity for a lot of Ajr, and its easier because its all in a row*

1⃣ Thursday 28th Sept = Sunnah day

2⃣ Friday 29th Sept = 9th Muharram (Day before ‘Ashoora)

3⃣ Saturday 30th Sept = 10th Muharram ( *’Ashoora* –> Expiation of minor sins of year before)

4⃣ Sunday 1st October = 11th Muharram (Day after ‘Ashoora)

5⃣ Monday 2nd October = Sunnah day

6⃣ Tuesday 3rd,

7⃣ Wednesday 4th and

8⃣ Thursday 5th October

= 13th, 14th and 15th of the month (The three white days/Ayaam Al Bayd)

Zakatul Fitr 

💰💸 *ZAKAT AL – FITR*💰💸
💠 *Summarized Rulings Regarding Zakaah al-Fitr* 💠


1 *What is the ruling regarding Sadaqah al-Fitr?*
🎓Ibn Baaz said:
🔹Zakaah al-Fitr is mandatory upon every Muslim, young or old, male or female, free or enslaved 

✏ (al-Fataawaa 14/197).
2 *With what is the Zakaah al-Fitr given?*
🎓Ibn Baaz said:
🔹A Saa’ (four handfuls) of food, dates, barely, raisins, and cheese; and according to the most correct opinion of the scholars, what is also included with these types is anything that the people nourish themselves with in their countries like rice, maze, millet and anything similar to these.
3 *What is the measure for Zakaah al-Fitr?*


🎓Ibn Baaz said:


🔹What is mandatory for this is one Saa’ from the food of the country and its measurement is with Kilos—approximately three Kilos 

✏ (al-Fataawaa 14-203).
4 *When is the time for giving Zakaah al-Fitr?*


🎓Ibn Baaz said:


🔹It is given on the days of the 28th, 29th, and 30th as well as the night of ‘Eed. It is also given in the morning of ‘Eed before the Prayer 

✏ (al-Fataawaa 14/32-33).

5 *What is the reason for giving Zakaah al-Fitr?*


🎓 Ibn ‘Uthaymiin said:


🔹To show gratitude for the blessings of Allaah upon the servant regarding the breaking of the fast of Ramadaan and its completion

✏ (al-Fataawaa 18/257).

6 *Who is Zakaah al-Fitr given to?*


🎓Ibn ‘Uthaymiin said:


🔹It is not to be given except to the poor

✏ (al-Fataawaa 18/259).

7 *What is the ruling on entrusting children or other than them with giving Zakaah al-Fitr on a person’s behalf?*


🎓Ibn ‘Uthaymiin said:


🔹It is permissible for a person to authorize his children to give Zakaah al-Fitr on his behalf at its time even if he is in another country at the time for work 

✏ (al-Fataawaa 18/262).

8 *Is it permissible for the poor to authorize someone else to take the Zakaah al-Fitr for him?*


🎓Ibn ‘Uthaymiin said:


🔹 It is permissible 

✏ (al-Fataawaa 18/268).

9 *Is there a specific statement that should be made when giving Zakaah al-Fitr?*


🔹We do not know of any specific Du’aa (Supplication) that is said at the time of giving it

✏ (al-Lajnah ad-Daa’imah 9/387).

10 *Is it permissible to give Zakaah al-Fitr in its worth (in money)?*


🎓Ibn Baaz said:


🔹It is not permissible to give its worth (with cash) according to the opinion of many scholars due to its opposition to the direct statement of the Prophet—صلى الله عليه و سلم—and his companions—رضي الله عنهم

✏ (al-Fataawaa 14/32).


🎓 Ibn ‘Uthaymiin said:


🔹Giving it in cash will not suffice, because it has been prescribed to be given in food 

✏(al-Fataawaa 18/265).

11 *Is it permissible to give Zakaah al-Fitr in a country different from the one its giver is in?*


🎓Ibn Baaz said:


🔹The Sunnah is to distribute it amongst the poor in the country of the one giving it and to not give it in cash in a different country so that he can enrich the poor from his country and satisfy their need 

✏ (al-Fataawaa 14/213).
12 *Where is Zakaah al-Fitr given?*


🎓 Ibn ‘Uthaymiin said:


🔹Zakaah al-Fitr is dispensed in the land that you are in upon breaking the fast [of Ramadaan] even if it is far from your country.

13 *Is Zakaah al-Fitr given for a fetus?*


🎓 Ibn ‘Uthaymiin said:


🔹It is not given on the fetus’s behalf due to it being obligatory; rather it is given because it is highly recommended

✏ (al-Fataawa 18/263).

14 *Is it permissible to give Zakaah al-Fitr to Non-Muslim workers?*
🎓Ibn ‘Uthaymiin said:
🔹It is not permissible to give it to other than the poor from the Muslims

✏ (al-Fataawaa 18/285).
15 *Is the Zakaah al-Fitr for a single person given to just one individual or can it be dispersed amongst several people?*
🔹It is permissible to give the Zakaah al-Fitr for a single person to an individual just as it permissible to distribute it amongst a number of people 

✏(al-Lajnah ad-Daa’imah 9/377).
16 *What is the ruling on the one who accepts Zakaah al-Fitr and then sells it?*
🔹If the one who took it was deserving of it, it is permissible for him to sell it upon receiving it

✏ (al-Lajnah ad-Daa’imah 9/380).
17 *Delaying the giving of the Zakaah al-Fitr to after ‘Eid without an excuse.*
🎓Ibn ‘Uthaymiin said:
🔹 Delaying it until after the Salaah is Haraam (impermissible) and it will not suffice 

✏ (al-Fataawaa 18/266).
Via Abu Sahl Fahad Barmem

Those who leave off the Maghrib Prayer to break their fast

❌Those Who Leave The Maghrib Prayer in Congregation Due to Breaking the Fast:
The Noble scholar Shaykh Salih al-Fawzaan (حفظه الله) said: 
✳“Here, there’s a matter which is a must that attention brought to, and it is that some of the people sit at the table where a person’s fast is broken, have dinner and leave off praying Maghrib in congregation in the Masjid. As a result of that, the person commits a great mistake, and it is staying back from praying (the Maghrib) in congregation in the Masjid. He causes himself to miss out on a magnificent reward and subjects himself to the punishment (of Allaah). That which is legislated for the person fasting is that he first breaks his fast, then he goes (to the Masjid) for the prayer, then afterwards he has his dinner.” 
📘[Mulakh-khas al-Fiqhee V. 1 Pg. 381]

هل هناك أدعية عند الإفطار؟

قال الشيخ مقبل الوادعي جوابا عن 
1- السؤال : هل هناك أدعية عند الإفطار ؟

الجواب : وأما الأدعية فمن أهل العلم من يقول : ثبت حديث : (ذهب الظمأ, وابتلت العروق , وثبـت الأجر إن شاء الله ) , والذي يظهر أنه لا يثبت حديث في الدعاء , أي : في دعاء بخصوصه , وإلا فقد ثبت : أن للصائم دعوة مستجابة عند فطره . فأنت تدعو الله بالمغفرة , وأن يشفيك , إلى ماتحتاج إليه من الأمور . 
(نصائح وفضائح:74 


Committing sins in Ramadhan

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen was asked in Fataawa al-Siyaam (p. 466):
How can we reconcile between the idea that the devils are chained up in Ramadaan and the fact the people commit sin?
He replied:
The fact that sin happens in Ramadaan does not contradict the report that the devils are chained up in Ramadaan, because the fact that they are chained up does not prevent them from moving. Hence it says in the hadeeth: “And the strong devils are chained up, and they cannot achieve what they usually achieve (at other times).” Narrated by Ahmad, 7857; this hadeeth was mentioned by al-Albaani in Da’eef al-Targheeb, 586; he said: it is da’eef jiddan (very weak).
It does not mean that the devils do not move at all, rather they can move and lead people astray, but their activities during Ramadaan are not like their activities at other times.

The fasting person

قال ابن القيِّم  (رحمه الله):«والصَّائم هو الَّذي صامت جوارحه عن الآثام، ولسانه عن الكذب  والفحش وقول الزُّور، وبطنه عن الطَّعام والشَّراب، وفرجه عن الرَّفَث؛ فإنْ تكلَّم لم يتكلَّم بما يجرح صومه، وإن فعل لم يفعل ما يفسد صومه، فيخرج كلامه كلُّه نافعًا صالحًا، وكذلك أعماله، فهي بمنزلة الرَّائحة الَّتي يشمُّها من جالس حامل المسك، كذلك من جالس الصَّائم انتفع بمجالسته، وأَمِن فيها من الزُّور والكذب والفجور والظُّلم، هذا هو الصَّوم المشروع لا مجرَّد الإمساك عن الطَّعام والشَّراب…؛ فالصَّوم هو صوم الجوارح عن الآثام، وصوم البطن عن الشَّراب والطَّعام؛ فكما أنَّ الطَّعام والشَّراب يقطعه ويفسده، فهكذا الآثام تقطع ثوابَه، وتفسدُ ثمرتَه، فتُصَيِّره بمنزلة من لم يصُم».[«الوابل الصَّيِّب» (ص43)]
Ibn-ul Qayyim  (May Allah have Mercy on him)

said: “And the one who (truly) fasts is he whose organs refrain from sins,and his tongue refrains from lying, indecency and that which deviates from the truth, and his stomach refrains from food and drink, and his private parts from relations.

So when he speaks, he does not speak with that which will harm his fasting, and if he acts he does not act in a way that will corrupt his fasting.

So all his speech is beneficial and  upright, as are his actions. 

So his state is like the fragrance that one smells when he sits with the perfume seller – the one who sits with the one who truly fasts benefits from sitting with him and is safe from speaking about things which deviate from the truth, lying, indecency and injustice.

This is the fasting that is legislated, not merely abstaining from food and drink.

So the true fasting is the fasting that the organs refrain from sins and the stomach from food and drink.

So just as food and drink cut off and spoil the fast, likewise sins cut off the reward and spoil the fruits of fasting such that one becomes like he who hasn’t fasted.” 

[Al Waabil As Sayyib, pg 43]

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