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The Shaytan

The Shaytan

The Shaytan comes to you like a hustler in the street,
He bombards you with what you normally wouldn't notice, with types of things enticing you like a child being bribed with some sweets;
It's like you're walking down the street one day and the next thing you know you're being offered some kind of treat,
The only problem is that he only wants you to eventually be destroyed by what he is offering, so consider this gift as though he's telling you that it's gluten-free, but it has gmo-type wheat.

He wants you destroyed, to be precise, my brother,
He'll distract you from worshipping Allaah, the true Lord, Who is above any other;
He wishes you to be an ungrateful slave, even if you commit sins like tattooing your body or be a fornicator,
He will show you to cause the destruction of marriages and friendships, like being an adulterer or backbiter.

Nothing of his call is true, it should not be listened to at all,
The best hope you have is in the Qur'aan and in adhering to the muaddin's call;
Follow the true ahaadeeth that have been brought to us with the proper understanding and not interpret it according to our desires, most of all,
Because it benefits us most when we put those who know better first, after all.

If you see him coming at you to share partners with Allaah, don't answer,
It's this type of thing that'll cause you to end up in the Hell Fire;
He may then come with overdoing the permissible, letting you lose out in what may be better,
Think about innovation for a bit, because if you are on a way which is wrong but you think is right, you may never repent from your incorrect ways since you think your way is proper.

This call is the way of those who were actually there amongst the revelation coming down to our blessed prophet,
These people knew Islaam best, and were tested the hardest from the onset;
All will enter the Hell Fire except those who follow the prophet who was Al Islaam's closest adherent,
And the Salafus-Saalih, from the last of them to the ones who were there from Al Islaam's advent.

You can never find peace except that you end up in the end with your Lord being pleased,
With the way you lived your life so He eventually granted you Paradise which are only for those who truly believed;
None but those He knows truly deserve it will be made to have this action completed and achieved,
So contemplate, dear human, all are called to take account of the life that you are living, do not be of those who were deceived!

Abu Muwahhid Asadullah At-Tarinidadi



Allaah, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth has spoken about the topic of fertility,
He mentioned that He is the One that chooses if the choice of fertility can ever be a possibility;
Or if the one that gets pregnant will actually carry out the term of a potential boy or girl in its entirety,
Once again Islaam brings wisdom of this particular situation, which can be found in surah 42 verses 49 and 50 for clarity.

So the body of a person is one by which much gain can be achieved,
And by that I mean the things that Allaah permits us to use it for, once you are clear what was sent and of it you believe;
I am not speaking about abortions that were carried out after casual play and enjoyment brought about a child that was conceived,
But using this vessel that was given to you by the One Who created it Who one day may show you in a book that'll mention the open and as well as the concealed.

Many women would literally die just to have one child naturally, one that can come from their eggs,
And they are appalled at the callous way many women are, who frivolously throw away fetuses, after they willingly opened up their legs;
Some may be upset at these words because it hits home too close, since they aborted the results of what happiness they enjoyed in their beds,
And unfortunately, others won't care because they take the morning after pill, or can care less because permission to go to a clinic was given to them by the Feds.

Man can never give you permission to do what God has not allowed,
Take a look at these people who change Allaah's creation or they marry the same sex laughing with joy today aloud,
You were created to worship your Lord, and in that you find obedience to Him, the Most High, and we should not be so proud,
In disobeying Him ever, because children is a direct result of a man and a woman in a union of marriage, and not any other way, which is crazy, wow.

Not rape and not things that are out of a female's control I speak,
It's the other speeches that is given, that in reality is weak;
Infertility is a real thing that many are afflicted with, so you can check the Internet that is replete,
With a plethora of information about PCOS and other conditions that people stumble upon when it is a child initially that they seek.

So just like we are mindful of the less fortunate if food is thrown away,
Know that we are too careless with our sperm and eggs during the night or day;
Consider that it is not you who chooses to have kids later rather than now, it is a gift from your Lord, no matter what you may say,
So worry about the next time you choose to have sex, that it is an act of worship towards your Lord Who created each of you and may reward you now or it may be delayed.

How Perfect my Lord is, Who created all of us,
It is not just women who are afflicted, but us men may have our faith tested, as such;
We are patient nevertheless, and we love our Lord very much,
Because the goal is to worship Him, whether we are free and allowed to have many kids or it seems as though we're in a handcuff!

Abu Muwahhid Asadullah At-Tarinidadi

Polygyny Matters

Polygyny Matters
Indeed to some, only polygyny matters,

While others may say that only monogamy matters;

It doesn’t matter how many boyfriends she’s had in her life, cause only monogamy matters,

But this poem is solely about polygyny matters. 

“Does it really matter”, she says, “how many boyfriends I have had before I got married?”

“The real problem lies in muslim men having more than one wife, cause that’s plain greed, I must say, sadly”;

I mean, the emphasis isn’t really in being right for your husband so you can be happy,

Because so many men has experienced you before him unlawfully, that made your Creator angry. 

Today a woman can “deal” with a man having a lady in his life as well as her, and she’s called a side chic,

Other women actually look for a married man, whether he’s poor or rich;

The excuse is because they feel like he’s with a stable woman and he won’t be too clingy with them, which is sick,

But these same women take their shahadah, and form a new stance disliking polygyny, and defending monogamy real quick. 

A woman wants to know why does the men want another wife in the first place?

Didn’t Allaah say He created the desire for women in us, so pay attention if you’re awake;

The scholars say that the foundation of marriage as Allaah mentioned in Surah Nisaa is polygynous for any who’d like to debate,

And Allaah said the Prophet is the one with the best example to follow, and he also was in a polygynous marriage, at any rate. 

No, please, stop the foolishness, the first wife’s permission is not needed in order for him to take on another,

Allaah already gave him permission to do so if he meets a certain criteria;

Some sisters want to control the whole situation and interpret the Qur’aan, the Speech of Allaah,

Just ask the Ulemaa since you don’t know and play your position, sister. 

Oh, you thought I would let you slide, oh brother who’s lacking,

May Allaah forgive us for trying to take on another wife as we oppress ourselves and our sins are stacking;

Can’t afford the one you’re with, but it’s sit down after sit down as the Shaytaan is laughing,

Cause you’re jumping off a roof first without a parachute, then you want to figure out about your landing. 

Your criteria for marriage is not as strict as what you would want for your own daughter,

You want a potential brother to come correct, but your application of Islaam is softer;

Be careful who you bring into your home, so don’t forget salaatul istakhaarah,

And never lie or play games when you speak to these imaam or these sisters’ fathers. 

Polygyny is beautiful when it’s done correctly,

A chance to increase the muslim ummah, when you’re practicing Islaam strongly,

More chances for women young or old, with kids or without to get a husband who would stand up with them boldly,

So stop feeling like polygyny is the new form of sampling new women every so often my brother, as some brothers are doing “discreetly”. 
Asadullah Abu Muwahhid At-Tarinidadi


[Majmoo’ Al Fatawah 7/492] Someone said to his Shaykh :” Verily I sin”. He told him, “Repent (from the sin)”. He then said, “Then I return (to the sin)”. He then said, “(So) Repent (from the sin)”. Then he said, ” Then I return return (to the sin)”. He said (to him), “Repent (from the sin)”. He said, ” Until when(?)”. He said, “Until Shaytan is grieved (by you)”.
Translated by Abu Muwahhid Asadullah At-Tarinidadi
● [مجموع الفتاوى ٧/٤٩٢] َّ قَالَ بَعْضُهُمْ لِشَيْخِهِ : إنِّي أُذْنِبُ قَالَ : تُبْ قَالَ : ثُمَّ أَعُودُ ، قَالَ : تُبْ قَالَ : ثُمَّ أَعُودُ ، قَالَ : تُبْ قَالَ : إلَى مَتَى قَالَ : إلَى أَنْ تُحْزِنَ الشَّيْطَانَ!!!



What do you really want, when you have a woman in your corner that’s covering?

Outside? Well, you act like you can’t help yourself, cause all you do is perfect that reckless eyeballing. 

You claim you want to have better character in your home, but you’re really stalling, 

Because if your partner’s on point and reminds you of Allaah, then who’s left to answer the Shaytaan’ calling? 
Some of these brothers pick up a lot of weights and only care about reps and sets,

They spend a lot of time beautifying their bodies, but can’t take care of their wives by curling a wallet and paying the rent;

If they were track runners, they’d be sprinters, after a little while they’re spent,

Never able to stick it out for the longevity, only that he came and when there’s problems, he left.
Yeah, you like the way she looks and her body pleases you? 

From her beautiful hair and how them jeans are fitting, too? 

It’s easier to do sin than to do what your Lord calls you to do?

Be cautious of that day you may be questioned about things you did in the open as well as in secret, too. 
Personally, I think that the Muslim female has been given a bad rap, if you ask me, 

The one’s who are a single wife, or who may have one co-wife , or two or three;

Because the media paints her as this oppressed little girl who is the opposite of how a true woman aught to be, 

However she only follows the commands of the One True Creator, that’s where she gets this most hated Islaamic Personality.  
So what do you do when you have a choice to make? 

A candy wrapped in paper and clean, or the dirty one that fell on the floor, which one will you take? 

You can’t be mad at the names they call these females, like hoes, and easy because she’s promiscuous on the first date, 

Because these adjectives are already known, so to indulge in the actions themselves clearly shows that in their labelling she’s willing to partake.  
I promote marriage and I promote the Muslim woman, so I guess I promote marriage to one as well, 

So if you don’t have one then I guess you bumped your head in the process when you fell;

I am a big advocate when she wears that black, and I know you can clearly tell, 

Be true to your life in this deen of Islaam and choose the muslimah and avoid the one who ascribe herself like Jezzebel. 
Not to say that the disbelieving woman can’t be chaste, that is not what I’m saying, 

For the good character of which I speak about is in her heart and on her limbs that she’s displaying;

She’s called a disbeliever because she doesn’t believe in the Only King that is truly reigning, 

And if she doesn’t believe in Him for real, and you choose her, then who you’re really fooling? 
Abu Muwahhid Asadullah At-Tarinidadi