No apology

I do not apologize for my parents raising me as a Catholic growing up,

Because this was what they had felt was the best way to fill my religious cup;

I do not apologize for joining the United States Marine Corps, which says a lot,

For I had left my childhood and became a man, meaning they had squared me away in Parris Island having entered its ranks just a mere pup.

I do not apologize for deciding to enter into Islaam,

Because it is the religion that teaches me about the uprightness of Jesus, Muhammad and Abraham;

I do not apologize one bit for deciding to marry only the women who cover their faces, though many may not understand,

They are not only doing so to be more pure outside for the eyes of men, but they do so to adhere to what their Lord said, to the best of their abilities that they possibly can.

I do not apologize for saying that God is One and He has no partners,

This is the same message that the top religions of the world also say, but interpretation of their books by their adherents bring many different answers;

I do not apologize for saying that creation started by the Word of the Creator, and not by the Big Band Theory by those who carry PhD’s, Bachelors and Masters,

For by the will of my Lord we exist today, and we will return to Him whether we believe in that great meeting for starters.

I do not apologize for marrying more than one wife,

I have more right to marry them and help procreate and raise my children uprightly, than two men who only get together for recreational purposes that their Lord do not feel is right;

I do not apologize for bringing the races together in a blessed martial life,

Because they say that polygyny is wrong but you promote promiscuity among the youth and then later on settle down and then make the woman your religious partner; your wife.

I do not apologize for how I dress or that I try to stick close to the Qur’an,

For it is by following this book that one can truly find himself following Allaah’s Plan;

I do not apologize that I also follow the Sunnah of Allaah’s Prophet, who was the best of every woman and man,

So since Homosexuality, Terrorism, Racism, Rape, Lewdness, etc was not what he came to promote, then know that you would also not find me of those things a fan.

I do not apologize for my roots stemming from Trinidad,

My roots run long, so it is a necessity as Islaam promotes the protection of the lineage and knowing that these children come from this married woman and man;

I do not apologize that I am racially and culturally mixed from these two T&T Island lands,

Big up to all the Alexis’, Edwards’, Coltes’, White and Broadbelt family members who are attached to these brands.

I do not apologize that I follow an old way and do not try to compromise my beliefs for anyone,

Because if was up to my mother, I would’ve been back in the Catholic Church fornicating thinking that all I needed for protection was to just wear a condom;

I do not apologize for even writing this poem, which is a call for everyone to take seriously and not just for fun,

Take the time out to check out Islaam, because it is only one life you have on this earth which is temporary, but the life in the Hereafter is eternal and happiness for many may continue or the Devil will say he won!

Abu Muwahhid Asadullah At-Tarinidadi




Are we like Shaytan, the Accursed one, simply misguided one, who’s confused?

The one who was commanded by his Lord and simply refused?

No matter what the command was, he chose to follow his own desires of only what he approved,

So when Allaah commands you to do a thing, and the choice is between following Him or your own desires, which one would you choose?

We get upset at other people for not choosing right,

Easy to judge, but our conduct sometimes are at its best while others are in sight;

And we can’t seem to get our worship perfected, our actions usually end up being light,

Even though when we hear of the Hell Fire the only thoughts that comes to mind are surrounded with torture and fright.

So what makes us so different than Iblis, when he was commanded by The Almighty but he had his own agenda?

Our desires compete with our Lord, like there could ever be a contender;

We should be aware of this ‘Anger’, because Al Fatihah clarifies it, that for every rak’ah in our prayers we need to remember,

That the ones that deserve the anger of Allaah are the ones who chooses to do wrong over right with clarity, so just sit back and ponder.

If your actions are ignorantly done versus choosing to commit a sin with clarity, are the punishments the same?

So if you knew that it was wrong from the beginning, and you still committed the act, is Shaytan to be blamed?

Are the whisperings of the Accursed devil or your desires at fault, if so, then which one should be blamed?

Has your Lord not sent enough information for you to know the difference between right and wrong, so that your Hereafter doesn’t have to end in pain?

Can’t we truly see similarities between us and him?

That at our very core all we do is double talk our way out of doing the right thing, when all we have to do is lean towards what’s right and just give in?

But many of us smoke, commit zina and all of the many things that the angels record under what we know to be sin,

But debating is our weapon we use when we are told to do what Allaah has commanded, but “not now”, “I have time”, we say, while Shaytan once again slowly wins.

Abu Muwahhid Asadullah At-Tarinidadi

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Raise your words

Raise your words

Raise your words not your voice, it is rain that grows flowers, not thunder,

Some of our houses are like a present-day-replica of Ike and Tina Turner’s;

Instead of being in a situation where she’s getting abused, many women would rather be a loner,

So sit back and reflect upon these words if you’re prone to ponder.

How many of us measure what we say from our words to our women,

Looking to see if it’s better to remain quiet or even worth mentioning;

Should we speak to them in a way befitting a Queen or how the slave master used to speak to grown men like they were their children,

Instead of running cool water, we’re like hot oil in a pan with a few drops of water crackling and sizzling.

Sometimes you hear men get upset at how their daughters are treated,

But their wives are beyond repair, battered and defeated;

This isn’t because of no other reason than what was born and bred in that same house that their daughters came from, another cycle completed,

But if he reads that women need to be cherished and loved on social media, he’ll be the first to post it, have it be liked, as well as retweeted.

But what is the point of insulting and abusing these fragile vessels, of our women folk,

Not to say that they are weak, because some of them are fully capable of breaking a bone or crushing a windpipe with one blow to the throat;

I mean fragile in the way that the Prophet spoke about them, and we should not make them drown but elevated and made to float,

Many of us have been living this barbaric way of life at home, because instead of proper communication they only know words like punch, kick, scream or choke.

For awhile now these women have been saying,

That the way to a beautiful life with them is a different way than how things have been relaying;

They’d rather be alone than deal with the most dangerous games that men are playing,

Instead of having to lie to friends that they ran into a door, because it was your temper that had them in a corner last night screaming and wailing.

Hate and abuse are learned traits,

So why do you teach your kids that it’s ok to demean women, the same way you teach them to eat all the vegetables off their plates;

Why not use all this testosterone and take care of them financially, as you shower them with gifts and presents like rivers and lakes,

Instead of so much aggression, relearn what you have been taught, and replace slapping, green light and a sore throat with massages, soft words and ‘wait!’

Abu Muwahhid Asadullah At-Tarinidadi


The life of the patient one

I have decided to give up a way of life that I was raised upon,

A life similar to me falling asleep at the wheel on a road that I was swerving on;

Similar to me slipping off of a cliff falling headlong,

And now I have adopted a different way of life, or better said, reverted to where I truly belong.

Whoever read about the life of the Prophet Muhammad salallaahu alayhi wa sallam, would see that he was a patient man,

The type of patience needed because you affirmed Tawheed, you’re dragged and burned across the scorching desert sand;

Patience like the niqab-wearing muslimah on a very hot day as she walks about the land,

But unlike these sisters who don’t cover and affirms imaan is in their hearts, without action of the limbs it might as well be in their hands.

You should not become complacent and feel safe just yet in your deen,

Because those that came before you have shed blood, sweat and tears just to offer the prayer, that you unfortunately do it today out of routine;

Jum’ah wasn’t just a day of displaying new garments just to be seen,

May Allaah Subhaanahu wa ta ‘ala raise the ranking of the salaf-us-saalih ajma’een.

If you claim to love Allaah and His messenger salallaahu alayhi wa sallam, then prepare for war cause the Shaytan is an open enemy to us,

He’s made us to be delusional as we’re persistent upon sin and then later on act like we’re the most righteous;

This is not the type of warfare where you can throw up a white flag and say I’ve had enough,

He promised Allaah that he’d take us off the true path and that he’d find us to be ungrateful to Allaah from the dialogue in the Qur’an that was already discussed.

You’re supposed to be different, because Al Islam is not like Kufr at all;

Get persecuted now for singling out Allaah, and as Muslims we stand tall;

You would be raised up with those who you loved, so hear this call,

Isn’t Prophet Muhammad salallaahu alayhi wa sallam the best of the creation to be loved and followed, after all?

Asadullah Abu Muwahhid At-Tarinidadi

My feelings

My feelings

Have you ever thought about the one you blew up?

As you take your own life and the families you screwed up?

Possibly Muslims were present or those interested in reading up?

Or those confused thinking that all Muslims think about all day is who is next for us to blow up?

Here you go with no right to go take a life,

You’re gung ho and hyped up, so you go kill a mother of a child or someone’s wife;

A young baby you murder because you constructed a bomb with a pipe,

It would have been better if you were found dead from suicide, since you want to kill someone, you should’ve only taken your own with a knife.

Who are you that says who should live and who should die?

So had I been on that plane, or train or bus, that would have been it for me, while my family sit down and cry?

You do more damage to Islaam than I can ever begin to deny,

When I come through an airport, I get so many randoms once I submit my passport, that I have no need to even ask why.

Did any of these people do anything to any Muslims in muslim lands?

So you all pick and choose who lives and dies because you follow Al Qaeda and ISIS and are really big fans?

When Spain was Muslim, did they kill off the Christians or Jews, or did they stop them from worshipping and placing a ban?

And how does Islaam say we should treat the people of the book – Christian and Jews – and other than them, but that we should call them to Islaam; every woman and man.

What I don’t understand is that this is the fastest growing religion in the world, and you are trying to destroy it from within,

A Trojan horse, a parasite, a disease that has not realized that the problem lies with you from what you’ve sinned;

Allaah doesn’t allow a people to be over the Muslims unless of some fault that you yourselves are doing, so repent and turn to Allaah with pure worship my brethren,

Because even Musa, yes Moses, actually came to the people of Israel because of the help they asked Allaah for, for the saving of them from Pharaoh for themselves and their children.

So here you come, Mr and Mrs mightier than thou,

Instead of slaughtering innocent lives why don’t you go slaughter a goat or a cow?

I like stew chicken and curry goat all day, but I leave off the sow,

Because when you stand before your Lord on the Day of Judgement, you have no excuse for the lives you took innocently, and you may not make it to Jannah to be with those who bowed.

Asadullah Abu Muwahhid At-Tarinidadi

My head hurts

My head hurts

My head hurts and my heart aches,

For all the misguided that seek to partake;

In what some may call a righteous act, as of late,

But what in reality is pure oppression with a lot that’s at stake.

We are Muslims and are held at a higher level, a higher standard,

Learn your religion, and stop moving on your whims and doing actions that are not Islaamically founded;

We do not, and I repeat we do not, as I repeat again we do not, for those that are knowledge-based-grounded,

Strap bombs on ourselves to take lives in any situation against Jews, Christians or any other religion that hasn’t been sounded.

On one hand you see what you do as righteous, but you can not be wrong and strong,

From Trinidad to Yemen, know that respect of life is a must for all;

Never can you provide a valid proof that what you do is correct, so you don the Islaamic garb feeling proud as you stand tall,

But you are destroying people’s lives, the safety that the government provides, not to mention the tainting of Islaam worldwide blemishing its call.

I heard of the recent attack that took place in New York, the place of my birth,

So stupid, and very much senseless, you dare promote ISIS, as though they elevate your worth;

These people have been a test for us, and they have accumulated so much sin upon themselves, true Islaam is not what they assert,

You have to be a derelict, a buffoon, a straight up imbecile to see these people as a people you can pledge to or take an oath.

ISIS does NOT stand for what is the following of the Sunnah of the Prophet,

ISIS does not hold any real claim to any Islaamic state, so you all trying to go over to Syria to help them should stop it;

ISIS only degrades what our blessed Prophet came with for mankind, so keep this close to your heart like a locket,

ISIS does not have the support of our blessed scholars, because to me following them is like sticking your wet finger into a live socket.

I am sick and tired of people feeling like this religion is terrorism at it’s best,

When real terrorism isn’t found in Islaam, but you may find some sprinkles now and then from ones who call themselves its adherents;

People enslaved millions of people from Africa, stole their identities, forced degradation on them and they know that this was not a part of any Christian tenet,

But today, who are really calling all of these countries terrorists since they themselves were all Christians and took Christ out of their minds, for he is free of all they claim on him, and which he takes no credit.

Know that because I am Muslim, I do not hate America,

I love Islaam and I am concerned about heaven and hell, so I hate oppression from anywhere; Even if it was Islaamically based coming from Saudi Arabia;

I would even hate oppression if it was found within myself, that which is obscure or that which is visibly clear.

Prophet Muhammad, salallaahu alayhi wa sallam was a man who exemplified the epitome of concern for his Lord and for those he was sent to,

And since he was sent for the whole of mankind, what sense would it seem to blow up innocent possible Muslims too?

I became Muslim years ago from being called by someone who thought good of me, to join a way of life that made my slate clean anew,

I speak for all with knowledge that Islaam does not teach oppression, I say this as I know that the angels are writing down everything that I type and every action that I do.

Asadullah Abu Muwahhid At-Tarinidadi

As I stand

As I stand firm and peer into the vision that is my reflection in the mirror,

It reminds me of the day that I will stand before my Lord as a righteous worshipper,

or a scared sinner;

I feel like I play Russian roulette with my soul, never stopping like I’m not a quitter,

or this is like a game to me and I’m about to flick the spinner.

No time like the present, as I wake this early morning with the rememberance of Allaah ta ‘ala on my tongue,

I remove one knot, then run the flowing water, with my hands I begin to scrub.

I know that wudu is the key to the salah, so its perfection is sought as the second knot of shaytan becomes undone,

I finish off my feet, right before left, now off to the masjid, here I come.

I remember someone saying, that Salaatul Fajr is for soldiers,

Can you imagine few get up to do it on time, and most of us allow the sheets to rule and control us?

Others don’t get up at all, because they have no shame, with no fuss,

But what we’re doing is backwards, cause it’s like exchanging our black diamond with someone’s empty soda can, that’s crushed.

Who else can you rely on to get you through the day, except Allaah?

He’s created the eyes you see with, while you watch everything from the haram to the brightest star;

So when you use your hands, feet or place your head upon the musallah or upon concrete or tar,

Know that every day starts off and ends with that most powerful statement: Laa ilaaha ilallaah.

Abu Muwahhid Asadullah At-Tarinidadi. Dec 22, 2010.

Knowing your place

Knowing your place

Your kids are only yours because all of you are living here,

Your spouse belongs to you, in this life, or anybody else that you hold most dear;

We need to realize that Allaah is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, He is the One we should mostly fear,

For when we return to Him, we would only be individuals that are separated from everyone else, waiting in anticipation for our time with Him in line with blank stares.

We are basically entrusted with these people for a period of time,

Ownership of each other is based on perception for the real owner is the Sublime;

We’re all connected to each other in some way or another, like fruits on a vine,

But on the Day of Resurrection we will soon find out that we were only a loan and our time came to an end in this life as we were passing time.

So how do you treat the one given to you by your Lord?

We need to know that a friend didn’t allow us to hold his property, so if broken we can just see if restoring it we can afford;

It is the One Who created us that allowed us to hold and take care of what He owns so don’t act like a hoard,

Because it is sufficient to know, spouse or child, your own body or the likes should only be treated like it’s your ward.

Sometimes we act like we created the thing and we can’t let it go,

We may even question the Creator about what we act like we don’t know;

Why did He cause this one to die or why did we get a divorce causing a big row,

Some of us may be rewarded for our time spent and go upward, while the heedless may end up down below.

Please, this life that we’re living is based on how we worship Allaah,

And if we look into our records til now, most of us haven’t had much good that will take us very far;

So when these people around you that you see from Muslims to non-Muslims aren’t treated with their due rights and are not up to par,

The reward for your bad treatment to them may be worse than being struck at full force by a car.

You’re only put in charge of your life, you’re not the real owner,

You need to realize that everything given to you is only as a loaner;

It’s hard at times to play your position because you’re a controller,

You’re not meant to be in this world forever, trust me, just live as a traveler.

Everyone That Day will be so caught up in where he or she may end up,

The tears and sweat from anticipation alone would overflow the biggest cup;

Atheists That Day will then realize that there really is a God after all, after having given their bodies a life most corrupt,

The design of every living thing is so perfect, that it shatters the Big Bang Theory period; full stop.

Asadullah Abu Muwahhid At-Tarinidadi

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