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As I stand

As I stand firm and peer into the vision that is my reflection in the mirror,

It reminds me of the day that I will stand before my Lord as a righteous worshipper,

or a scared sinner;

I feel like I play Russian roulette with my soul, never stopping like I’m not a quitter,

or this is like a game to me and I’m about to flick the spinner.

No time like the present, as I wake this early morning with the rememberance of Allaah ta ‘ala on my tongue,

I remove one knot, then run the flowing water, with my hands I begin to scrub.

I know that wudu is the key to the salah, so its perfection is sought as the second knot of shaytan becomes undone,

I finish off my feet, right before left, now off to the masjid, here I come.

I remember someone saying, that Salaatul Fajr is for soldiers,

Can you imagine few get up to do it on time, and most of us allow the sheets to rule and control us?

Others don’t get up at all, because they have no shame, with no fuss,

But what we’re doing is backwards, cause it’s like exchanging our black diamond with someone’s empty soda can, that’s crushed.

Who else can you rely on to get you through the day, except Allaah?

He’s created the eyes you see with, while you watch everything from the haram to the brightest star;

So when you use your hands, feet or place your head upon the musallah or upon concrete or tar,

Know that every day starts off and ends with that most powerful statement: Laa ilaaha ilallaah.

Abu Muwahhid Asadullah At-Tarinidadi. Dec 22, 2010.


Knowing your place

Knowing your place

Your kids are only yours because all of you are living here,

Your spouse belongs to you, in this life, or anybody else that you hold most dear;

We need to realize that Allaah is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, He is the One we should mostly fear,

For when we return to Him, we would only be individuals that are separated from everyone else, waiting in anticipation for our time with Him in line with blank stares.

We are basically entrusted with these people for a period of time,

Ownership of each other is based on perception for the real owner is the Sublime;

We’re all connected to each other in some way or another, like fruits on a vine,

But on the Day of Resurrection we will soon find out that we were only a loan and our time came to an end in this life as we were passing time.

So how do you treat the one given to you by your Lord?

We need to know that a friend didn’t allow us to hold his property, so if broken we can just see if restoring it we can afford;

It is the One Who created us that allowed us to hold and take care of what He owns so don’t act like a hoard,

Because it is sufficient to know, spouse or child, your own body or the likes should only be treated like it’s your ward.

Sometimes we act like we created the thing and we can’t let it go,

We may even question the Creator about what we act like we don’t know;

Why did He cause this one to die or why did we get a divorce causing a big row,

Some of us may be rewarded for our time spent and go upward, while the heedless may end up down below.

Please, this life that we’re living is based on how we worship Allaah,

And if we look into our records til now, most of us haven’t had much good that will take us very far;

So when these people around you that you see from Muslims to non-Muslims aren’t treated with their due rights and are not up to par,

The reward for your bad treatment to them may be worse than being struck at full force by a car.

You’re only put in charge of your life, you’re not the real owner,

You need to realize that everything given to you is only as a loaner;

It’s hard at times to play your position because you’re a controller,

You’re not meant to be in this world forever, trust me, just live as a traveler.

Everyone That Day will be so caught up in where he or she may end up,

The tears and sweat from anticipation alone would overflow the biggest cup;

Atheists That Day will then realize that there really is a God after all, after having given their bodies a life most corrupt,

The design of every living thing is so perfect, that it shatters the Big Bang Theory period; full stop.

Asadullah Abu Muwahhid At-Tarinidadi

Knowing your reality

Knowing your reality

Some women choose the same type of person, but their situation changes,

They keep listening to what these so-called friends say, like they’re religious sages;

They know that in the beginning, they had a certain type of man that was right for them at that time, like you’re looking up jobs with only particular wages,

But when people come along later on in her life with qualities she currently needs, it’s like these brothers are rabid dogs, though she’s went through different stages.

Some people should choose a different person because they are no longer that person,

Some people look for the same person with a different face, knowingly setting themselves up for failure like you need a pimple popped so you go see a surgeon;

If you like a single brother for you, but you have little kids at home, then you should choose a different version,

Because a man who’s qualified to be a good husband, may not be a good step-father and your present condition may even worsen.

Do not marry the sister who don’t want to cover properly at this point in her life, when your current wife already does it,

You’re giving your kids different view points in their heads, when only one is necessary for them to love it;

Kids pick up on what they see quicker than what they hear, so be careful to choose wisely on every topic,

And if your first wife properly covers, then know that there is a clear difference between the one who covers correctly and the one who may just tightly wrap it.

Knowing the reality of your affair may bring some sort of wisdom to those who are looking,

Do not delude yourself in the look of things, when you know you need more than one who is just good-looking,

Allaah blesses the one who is very attractive to one’s eyes, for anybody who is out there really looking,

It’s the one who can stimulate you on a level that you need, inside and out, and not one who is just there only good for looking.

I can understand that we want what we want, but what we need in our lives is what is best,

A sister who is 19 and still a virgin may need the bare necessities more or less;

She is not like the sister who has kids and requires more, so this younger sister definitely requires less,

But why does the one who needs more confuses herself more and just only settle for less?

When do you have your situation set correctly, and you only go for what is best for you?

You know yourself better, so stick with what will only work for you;

If your kids need a real man in the house, then look for that primarily, because that is what’ll be best for you,

Instead of only looking for that one particular man from when you were only in charge of yourself, no, sister, that definitely won’t do for you.

One companion was asked by the prophet why he didn’t marry a virgin, salallaahu alayhi wa sallam,

He said that his father had died and had left him with younger sisters to take care of, so a virgin like himself was not wise to be chosen;

He recognized that an older experienced woman with good character for his younger sisters was a more appropriate token,

She was a definite prize for him, because of his present condition.

Also you may see sisters with mental issues that may make an inappropriate choice,

I say mental issues, oh my brothers, because we’re the ones who created these internal sounds in their heads, each one hearing her own mental voice;

She should choose a brother who can handle her specific affair, instead of burying it behind a curtain she could easily hoist,

That may one day cause havoc in her current relationship, be it a past mental, sexual or even physical abuse that plagues her like her body being probed with a wooden joist.

Asadullah Abu Muwahhid At-Tarinidadi



Allaah, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth has spoken about the topic of fertility,
He mentioned that He is the One that chooses if the choice of fertility can ever be a possibility;
Or if the one that gets pregnant will actually carry out the term of a potential boy or girl in its entirety,
Once again Islaam brings wisdom of this particular situation, which can be found in surah 42 verses 49 and 50 for clarity.

So the body of a person is one by which much gain can be achieved,
And by that I mean the things that Allaah permits us to use it for, once you are clear what was sent and of it you believe;
I am not speaking about abortions that were carried out after casual play and enjoyment brought about a child that was conceived,
But using this vessel that was given to you by the One Who created it Who one day may show you in a book that'll mention the open and as well as the concealed.

Many women would literally die just to have one child naturally, one that can come from their eggs,
And they are appalled at the callous way many women are, who frivolously throw away fetuses, after they willingly opened up their legs;
Some may be upset at these words because it hits home too close, since they aborted the results of what happiness they enjoyed in their beds,
And unfortunately, others won't care because they take the morning after pill, or can care less because permission to go to a clinic was given to them by the Feds.

Man can never give you permission to do what God has not allowed,
Take a look at these people who change Allaah's creation or they marry the same sex laughing with joy today aloud,
You were created to worship your Lord, and in that you find obedience to Him, the Most High, and we should not be so proud,
In disobeying Him ever, because children is a direct result of a man and a woman in a union of marriage, and not any other way, which is crazy, wow.

Not rape and not things that are out of a female's control I speak,
It's the other speeches that is given, that in reality is weak;
Infertility is a real thing that many are afflicted with, so you can check the Internet that is replete,
With a plethora of information about PCOS and other conditions that people stumble upon when it is a child initially that they seek.

So just like we are mindful of the less fortunate if food is thrown away,
Know that we are too careless with our sperm and eggs during the night or day;
Consider that it is not you who chooses to have kids later rather than now, it is a gift from your Lord, no matter what you may say,
So worry about the next time you choose to have sex, that it is an act of worship towards your Lord Who created each of you and may reward you now or it may be delayed.

How Perfect my Lord is, Who created all of us,
It is not just women who are afflicted, but us men may have our faith tested, as such;
We are patient nevertheless, and we love our Lord very much,
Because the goal is to worship Him, whether we are free and allowed to have many kids or it seems as though we're in a handcuff!

Abu Muwahhid Asadullah At-Tarinidadi

No he didn’t

No he didn't

Oh you side chick from back in the days,
Clearly when you come into Islaam, you seem to switch roles like lead actors in Broadway plays;
Your thoughts are disturbing to me, because it had made many amazed,
To see that some people were content to being the lady on the side with no rights, but can be certain polygyny is only for the misled, like a rat in a maze.

How can you decide to be with a man who already have a woman?
You sneak around with him knowing that he can't be yours because he's already taken;
But then you come to Islaam where every wife that a Muslim has, actually have rights that by Allaah was definitely given,
But you feel like you're above this, so you act like you're better than the wives of the Prophet, who were better than any other woman.

Now some say that the husband needs the first wife's approval,
And others say that for him to think about doing it to his wife is inhumane and cruel;
But nothing supports her feelings but the whispers of the Shaytaan, which makes this point very crucial,
To the Muslim Ummah as a whole, because this part of the Sunnah is being looked at as archaic and unusual.

Let's say what Allaah and His Prophet said about this here thing,
And let's see if we implement it correctly, what kind of benefit to the society that it may bring;
Presidents wouldn't have to sneak out and show their country despicable acts that really stings,
And the common folks wouldn't see sneaking around appealing.

This affair is as old as the profession of the lady of the night,
The prostitute that men seem to rush towards, whether single or without a wife in sight;
There have always been a need or want from men to go sneak out and see another, not at all doing it out of spite,
But the Creator in 3:14 of His book has mentioned what he has beautified for men, so 4:3 of the same book shows how taking on another wife is his God-given right.

Asadullah Abu Muwahhid At-Tarinidad

Islaam reaches you

Islaam reaches you

Islaam reached many people years ago on the continent of Africa,
It called them to a new way of life that could profit them in this world as well as the Hereafter;
It gave a message that one must be patient upon harm that can test your faith, leaving you impatient or calm from nostalgia,
The happiness you may feel can only come from the patience you displayed like during the test of a martyr.

How many of us exit Islaam after our husbands decide to leave us?
Or when the government place extra stress upon us, we feel that staying in Islaam may be dangerous;
Many slaves that helped to build America and Europe were Muslims from birth, but they were uprooted and transplanted to countries that today we're most curious,
But they were tested worst than us in their faith, while today our test are really not all that serious.

Ok, so you feel sorry for yourself because your Islaam isn't on the level of what you read in the books,
And you see that Islaam is falsely represented by ISIS, no matter how Islaamically the leader actually looks;
Also various groups and entities do actions that are not condone in Islaam under the banner of receiving virgins when they die, they're nothing but crooks,
Because they are stealing the truth that is really Al Islaam, since Islaam is free from what they pass off as suicidal works.

You have to be better than what you are today, because many Muslim nations were and are being tortured under the banner of something else,
Yet they maintain their Islaamic Identity, holding firm to the Qur'aan and the Sunnah, which is better than amassing tremendous wealth;
They have trust in their Lord that what He sent was the truth, no matter what non-Muslims have made these Muslims felt,
May Allaah aid them, because the most that some of us may feel is not being able to make it home to see our favorite tv show, as we're stuck in traffic as our ice creams melt.

So contemplate, dear Muslims, that we know Al Islaam has nothing to do with what is being displayed to the world today,
They have every action that is happening with our brothers and sisters overseas, displayed in the news as mere amusement and play;
We come into their airports and are immediately guilty for things that have never happened today or any other day,
Random searches, FBI and Federal investigations, due to the religion that we claim with a firm tongue and clear speech without delay.

Learn what your religion is verses what it is not, because there are 73 different types of Islaam that most people don't explain about,
Not just Shia and Sunni Muslims are around the world, but everyone had an opinion that they like to scream and shout;
They know the truth but hold onto it as if they refuse to let the truth out,
That Islaam is really a remedy for the world's ills and not a detriment like a chancre sore in ones mouth.

Abu Muwahhid Asadullah At-Tarinidadi

The Sit-down

The Sit-Down 
One of the greatest of deliberations is the one between a father and a potential suitor,

For he's actually considering giving up his daughter to a man that may treat her good or abuse her;

As men, we take this for granted because we want what we want, whether she's a Nailah or Haneefah,

Some will even portray a facade that's incorrect for that Asiya or Khadijah.  
The problem is that we were the one's who nurtured these girls from since they were young,

These fools don't know that the phone calls we get from our Banaat at times makes us want to go pull out a gun;

We love our daughters as equally as we love our sons,

But the role of the wali is the protection against those who are only looking for fun.  
Some men are out and about like predators looking for a virgin type,

Or a pretty face on a female who they can call a wife;

They never take into account that these women have feelings and are humans who only want that things are done right,

They want a muslim husband for this and the next life. 
No, I'll check your background, once, twice and even maybe a third time,

I want to see how your last marriage fared, not just see if you've been convicted of a crime;

Are you currently working at this present time,

And can you afford to take care of this daughter of mine. 
Truth be told, the Muslim female is more precious than gold,

The future of this Ummah is not to be sold;

Choose a man that's righteous for her whether young or old,

Or you may regret how you were lax with your noble position as your scrolls become unfold. 
Deliberations take time, like when a person is on trial in court,

So why wouldn't you think that this situation is more important that the trial of one who's accused of trying to unlawfully enter a vault?

No, actually it's more serious than that, more than a man charged for assault,

For this man who comes to your door doesn't realize that the scrutinizing of him must be done because if he has the wrong Islaam he'll cause destruction to everything that she was taught. 
So please, let's not just look at you with the white thoub and the Maa Sha Allaah, yaa akhi,

Or how you conveniently comb your beard sitting with your calm demeanor for me to see;

How often do you go to the masjid and who are your companions is what I must keep a tally,

Your actions are behind you and it will be checked, and the report may come back for you or against you as salaatul istakhaarah is done eventually. 
Once she marries you, she becomes like your captive,

I'd like you to be of those who not only know where the masjid is, but inside it you're presently active;

I know you may get mad from time to time and may get mad at her to the point you may say a word that may cause issues to her feelings or may cause some damage,

But I am always trying to work on my Islaam, so don't feel any way that if you put your hands on her viciously, that I turn beast-mode and treat you like I'm a savage. 
So please understand where my mind is in relation to my women,

This word women is not only for my wives, but it also includes my daughters and potential grandchildren;

But I am serious in what I said and the actions I am prepared to do and fully willing,

Also you should be mindful of any potential brother that you request to marry their daughter, because you'd rather be her hero than to play the role of the villain. 

Asadullah Abu Muwahhid At-Tarinidadi 

Polygyny Matters

Polygyny Matters
Indeed to some, only polygyny matters,

While others may say that only monogamy matters;

It doesn’t matter how many boyfriends she’s had in her life, cause only monogamy matters,

But this poem is solely about polygyny matters. 

“Does it really matter”, she says, “how many boyfriends I have had before I got married?”

“The real problem lies in muslim men having more than one wife, cause that’s plain greed, I must say, sadly”;

I mean, the emphasis isn’t really in being right for your husband so you can be happy,

Because so many men has experienced you before him unlawfully, that made your Creator angry. 

Today a woman can “deal” with a man having a lady in his life as well as her, and she’s called a side chic,

Other women actually look for a married man, whether he’s poor or rich;

The excuse is because they feel like he’s with a stable woman and he won’t be too clingy with them, which is sick,

But these same women take their shahadah, and form a new stance disliking polygyny, and defending monogamy real quick. 

A woman wants to know why does the men want another wife in the first place?

Didn’t Allaah say He created the desire for women in us, so pay attention if you’re awake;

The scholars say that the foundation of marriage as Allaah mentioned in Surah Nisaa is polygynous for any who’d like to debate,

And Allaah said the Prophet is the one with the best example to follow, and he also was in a polygynous marriage, at any rate. 

No, please, stop the foolishness, the first wife’s permission is not needed in order for him to take on another,

Allaah already gave him permission to do so if he meets a certain criteria;

Some sisters want to control the whole situation and interpret the Qur’aan, the Speech of Allaah,

Just ask the Ulemaa since you don’t know and play your position, sister. 

Oh, you thought I would let you slide, oh brother who’s lacking,

May Allaah forgive us for trying to take on another wife as we oppress ourselves and our sins are stacking;

Can’t afford the one you’re with, but it’s sit down after sit down as the Shaytaan is laughing,

Cause you’re jumping off a roof first without a parachute, then you want to figure out about your landing. 

Your criteria for marriage is not as strict as what you would want for your own daughter,

You want a potential brother to come correct, but your application of Islaam is softer;

Be careful who you bring into your home, so don’t forget salaatul istakhaarah,

And never lie or play games when you speak to these imaam or these sisters’ fathers. 

Polygyny is beautiful when it’s done correctly,

A chance to increase the muslim ummah, when you’re practicing Islaam strongly,

More chances for women young or old, with kids or without to get a husband who would stand up with them boldly,

So stop feeling like polygyny is the new form of sampling new women every so often my brother, as some brothers are doing “discreetly”. 
Asadullah Abu Muwahhid At-Tarinidadi

The life of the patient one

The life of the patient one
I have decided to give up a way of life that I was raised upon,

A life similar to me falling asleep at the wheel on a road that I was swerving on;

Similar to me slipping off of a cliff falling headlong,

And now I have adopted a different way of life, or better said, reverted to where I truly belong. 
Whoever read about the life of the Prophet Muhammad salallaahu alayhi wa sallam, would see that he was a patient man,

The type of patience needed because you affirmed Tawheed, you’re dragged and burned across the scorching desert sand;

Patience like the niqab-wearing muslimah on a very hot day as she walks about the land,

But unlike these sisters who don’t cover and affirms imaan is in their hearts, without action of the limbs it might as well be in their hands.  
You should not become complacent and feel safe just yet in your deen,

Because those that came before you have shed blood, sweat and tears just to offer the prayer, that you unfortunately do it today out of routine;

Jum’ah wasn’t just a day of displaying new garments just to be seen,

May Allaah Subhaanahu wa ta ‘ala raise the ranking of the salaf-us-saalih ajma’een. 
If you claim to love Allaah and His messenger salallaahu alayhi wa sallam, then prepare for war cause the Shaytan is an open enemy to us,

He’s made us to be delusional as we’re persistent upon sin and then later on act like we’re the most righteous;

This is not the type of warfare where you can throw up a white flag and say I’ve had enough,

He promised Allaah that he’d take us off the true path and that he’d find us to be ungrateful to Allaah from the dialogue in the Qur’an that was already discussed.  
You’re supposed to be different, because Al Islam is not like Kufr at all;

Get persecuted now for singling out Allaah, and as Muslims we stand tall;

You would be raised up with those who you loved, so hear this call,

Isn’t Prophet Muhammad salallaahu alayhi wa sallam the best of the creation to be loved and followed, after all?
Asadullah Abu Muwahhid At-Tarinidadi

This is stupid

This is stupid
Women have reached the point, I tell you,

That when you examine the facts, I still can’t believe that it’s true;

They have decided to nip tuck any changes in their bodies because this is something new, 

But they still want men to appreciate them for who they are, when if you asked who they really are, they’d show that they haven’t the slightest clue. 
Good ol’ fashion working out, is the way to treat some sagging flesh, 

Tightening up the skin and giving you a body that weighs less;

But plastic surgery to enhance or create what was never there is what you feel is best?

But how do you EXPECT your husband to be content with your limitations, when you ran to doctors for every flaw you saw so you could invest?
Ah, but hold on, this is a superficial world we’re living in and you’re here to keep up the illusion?

That you want to attract a man who comes after you from visual lies and enhanced confusion?

Not content with what your Lord gave you, so thousands of dollars is the solution?

Don’t you think you’re no better than the ones who wear weave and what not, until the men find out that they’re bald-headed, so make a new resolution.  
Sex is put out there first, so men have lowered their standards, yes lowered the bar,

Like he’d rather drive a nice-looking vehicle with a bad transmission that really can’t take him very far;

He’d rather leave the woman who’s confident in her own natural body and just chase the one who’s less concerned about her soul and focuses more on his new car,

And the woman thinks that the man who likes her more because of this illusion she’s created is the best man for her, how bizarre.  
I wonder how the women back in the day used to keep a man so long?

How they would keep that bond between them and their husband very strong?

How did they even find the man in the first place, is really a good question, am I right or wrong?

For even the family structure was better than what we have here today, from these social media sites or blogs. 
A lot can be said about one who worships his Lord,

The fact that she knows that He knows best, He is her Guide as she follows along;

Not putting herself out there for these wolves to run on past and take little bites here and there till she hears that marriage call,

But that she has some self-respect from the onset and these men must March to the tune of her drum or she doesn’t respond to their screams and bawls. 

Asadullah Abu Muwahhid At-Tarinidadi